Channel Islands Bicycle Club - Holiday Dinner Party - Sunday, December 8th, 2019, 5:30-9:30pm - Courtyard by Marriott - Reservations Required

If registering a "guest" please change the "0" at the bottom of the registration page to a "1" or greater to reflect the number of guests (wife, husband, relative, friend etc) you are bringing. Just filling in the dinner choice will not register your "guest" unless this action is completed. Thank you!

- Evening Party Plans at the Courtyard by Marriott -

Come join the holiday festivities with our Channel Islands Bicycle Club members on Sunday, December 8th, 2019 at the beautiful Oxnard. We begin with socializing at 5:30pm (wine & beer sold on site), followed by a wonderful dinner at 6:00pm with a finishing touch of our presentation around 7:00pm.

5:30pm- Socializing
6:00pm- Dinner
7:00pm- Presentation 

- Meal Selections for the Evening Dinner -

The evening comes together with a wonderfully tasty meal served by the Courtyard by Marriott staff. You have a choice of four dinners (chicken, salmon or veggie), all for the price of $26 each or for $37 for Prime Rib for CIBC Members. If you bring your own bottle of wine there is a $15 corkage fee. When reserving your spot online please make sure you select your dinner choice for each attending member and at the bottom for guests, change the "0" to your appropriate number of guests: 
Prime Rib- $37
Chicken- $26
Salmon- $26
Vegetarian- $26

- Directions to the Courtyard by Marriott in Oxnard -

Just a short drive from Ventura is the beautiful Courtyard by Marriott in Oxnard at 600 Esplande Drive. Allow yourself enough time, about 30 minutes, to venture from Ventura to the orchards of East Ventura County. Here are the directions from Ventura